Building the best payment experience

Digital Payment & Payout Solutions

We are experts in settlement and currency services, transforming traditional niche solutions to innovative fintech products, making everyday banking seamless, efficient and budget-friendly. With our robust end-to-end infrastructure and a team of professionals we are powering the future of money moving.


Bank transfers

Fast and trackable, local and international, outgoing and incoming wire transfers, supported by our strong correspondent relationships.

Alternative payments

Cooperation with a range of specifically local and non-conventional payment service providers to support your global presence on a local markets.

Card services

Offering physical and virtual prepaid cards issuing services suited to your unique requirements, flexible white label platform and strong program management experience.

Acquiring solutions

Customized card acquiring services for a wide spectrum of merchants with extensive anti-fraud and success-rate-boosting functionalities. We support recurring payments, P2P card transactions, MOTO etc. covering any and all e-needs.

Foreign exchange

Focusing on deliverable currency exchange, we offer 134 currency pairs, transparent exchange rates with uninterrupted live FX market quote stream.

Mass payout solutions

Low-cost payout solutions for your high-quantity and high-frequency transactions with geographically distributed parties involved. Variety of payment options, robust API and connection functionality.

KYC and Fraud prevention

Our compliance platform covers full the cycle of KYC management needs including remote client identification, advanced risk screening and AI-based AML transaction monitoring tools.

Money remittance

Extensive local partnerships allow for an ever-growing and truly global remittance network, combining both traditional and innovative channels to cover the rising worldwide remittance flows. is our B2BC platform focusing on EU-based SMEs and e-commerce business, enabling our customers to cover all payment and currency needs with a single service provider.

Excessive bank and currency exchange accounts are troubles of the past. Our tangible cost-saving and priceless time-saving user- and accounting-friendly platform is a relief for your company and it’s employees.

Straightforward online registration process with 24h account review guarantee makes onboarding simple and smooth.


We offer tailored solutions for significant players in developing and demanding industries. Our scalable modular B2B platform with flexible API connection enables easy migration and seamless integration of both acquiring and payout payment functionality into your application.


Our solutions cater to medium to large enterprises engaged in e-commerce business: goods and services marketplaces, affiliate networks, travel agencies.

Global business

Globally present service providers, wholesale trade, shared service centers.

Shared economy

Fully suited to support game-changing industry players in both new and developed niche markets.


Crowdfunding, P2P and centralized lending providers, multi-asset exchanges.


Tax refund services, recreation and entertainment, loyalty programs - we'll tailor our offer to your business needs.


If you are looking for a regulated partner sponsorship we are here for you. Due to high entrance barrier backing your payment functionality with EU regulated and fully authorised payment services provider is win-win cooperation in terms of product time-to-market timeframe, compliance risks reduction, significant lowering of the setup costs, as well as possibility of venture cooperation.


Our focus on building jointly beneficial long-term relations are supported by our business expertise and substantial infrastructure. Contact our team for any questions and potential sponsorship negotiations.

$3,403B 2018 worldwide digital payments txn value

$2,875B 2018 worldwide Digital Commerce txn value

$65,761M 2018 worldwide P2P Money Transfers txns


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Finovate Europe.
6-9 March 2018, London.

This conference is the most effective way to stay ahead on Fintech innovation. See the new perspectives from 150+ leading fintech experts, from traditional players and challenger bank executives to industry analysts and fintech investors.

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Money 20/20 Europe.
4-6 June 2018, Amsterdam.

Money20/20 Amsterdam is the world’s largest marketplace for ideas, connections and deals in payments, FinTech and financial services.

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International Retail Banking – Fintech Forum. 19-20 September 2018, London.

This is a conference where you will meet and get to know the leaders and achievers in retail banking and fintech, where you will learn about new business models that are giving some forward-thinking banks a powerful competitive edge in the digital age.

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PayExpo, 9-10 October 2018, Business Design Centre, London.

PayExpo is the best place to share knowledge and rub shoulders with the disruptors and innovators driving change in payments. As the UK’s largest payments event, PayExpo is essential for anyone involved and interested in making payments faster, easier and more secure.

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Mobey Day Vienna, 4-5 December 2018.

Mobey events are designed for innovation-focused banks, financial institutions and fintechs. They include content and insights that you cannot google. These events are appreciated for open conversations, effortless networking and an agenda that inspires strategic takeaways.

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FinTech Connect 2018, London

FinTech Connect is where the next generation of early stage start-ups stand shoulder to shoulder with senior stakeholders fro financial institutions, established blue chip and the band of fast growth scale ups who have been disrupting the traditional finance scene in recent years.

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Data Governance & Compliance, Frankfurt

Every day data governance is becoming more critical than ever. Not only due to increasing amounts of data but also due to business teams having more access to that data and developing government regulations like GDPR.

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Paris Fintech Forum 2019.

Paris Fintech Forum will be organized by Altéir with the support of 60+ international partners from 72 countries over 2 days in the heart of Paris, to listen to CEO’s from banks, insurance, telco, regulators and of course Fintechs from all continents.

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MoneyConf Dublin.
10-12 June 2019.

MoneyConf is organised by the expert team behind the world's largest tech conference, Web Summit. Over two days, 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries will network and learn from the industry’s leading lights. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops and incredible evening networking.

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Fintech Connect, London.
3-4 December 2019.

FinTech Connect is where fintechs come to accelerate dialogues with digital buyers with responsibility across digital transformation, payments, financial security, regtech and blockchain.

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Finovate Europe.
11-13 February 2020, Berlin.

This conference is the most effective way to stay ahead on Fintech innovation. See the new perspectives from the leading fintech experts, from traditional players and challenger bank executives to industry analysts and fintech investors.

MoneyLive Spring 2020.
9-11 March 2020, Madrid.

This payments event is for all payments professionals, FinTech and retail bankers. Over 300 attendees are expected representing more than 150 companies from over 40 countries. The event is actually two-in-one with two conferences in the same venue – MoneyLIVE: Cards & Payments and MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe.

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12th Global Banking Innovation Forum and Expo.
23-24 April 2020, Prague.

The 12th Global Banking Innovation Forum & Expo is an event for bankers from all over the world, with a strong educational program based on leading banks case studies, various networking opportunities: formal and informal, and a great EXPO hall with world’s most innovative existing FinTech solutions to date.

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Global RegTech Summit.
13-15 May 2020, London.

The world's largest RegTech event is coming back for its third year. Hosted at an even bigger venue it will bring together over 1,000 CCOs, CTOs and heads of divisions from FIs along with RegTech founders and CEOs.

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Money 20/20.
16-18 June 2020, Amsterdam.

In 2020 the payments event, Money 20/20 will welcome more than 6,000 professionals from the payments and finance industry including FinTech and financial services. Approximately a third of attendees are from the payments industry and others are from the technology field, banking services and other key financial sectors.

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PayExpo, London.
6-7 October 2020.

As the UK’s largest payments event, PayExpo is essential for anyone involved and interested in making payments faster, easier and more secure.

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